How to Prevent or Remedy Water Infiltration through the Roof Louisville, KY?

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How to Prevent or Remedy Water Infiltration through the Roof Louisville, KY?

At first glance, water infiltration through the roof can be the consequence of poor gutter maintenance, usually what most homeowners in Louisville, KY, ignore.

In fact, they should be cleaned twice a year, in the spring and the fall.
It is important to clear any debris’s gutters to avoid a blockage that would cause water accumulation.

If the idea of cleaning your gutters turns you off, the alternative of installing a gutter protector can be an interesting solution.

Secondly, it is impossible not to highlight the risk generated by deteriorated shingles. Not surprisingly, these can easily let in water. It is, therefore, important to replace them as quickly as possible.

To repair yourself, purchase an over-the-counter sealant and apply it to the shingle’s raised section.
Put a weight on the shingle for a few minutes to allow it to adhere firmly to the rest of the roof.

Note that the nails for the shingles must not be pulled out of the roof and should, otherwise, be re-nailed.
Even if the water infiltration generated by this small space will be minimal, it will still be damaging to your roof, and most importantly, your paint job.

Water Infiltration through Soffits

Regarding the soffits, they must, in no case, be perforated. Water infiltration through the soffits may go unnoticed for some time and cause insidious damage.
Also, they should never be obstructed. Since soffits’ role is to ventilate the attic, their poor condition may cause moisture to accumulate.
One thing leading to another, the humidity in the attic can deteriorate the condition of the materials that compose it.

A problem with water infiltration

Water flowing through flashings

Flashings, for their part, also deserve attention. Their poor condition prevents the flow of water, which could infiltrate under their surface and accumulate water on the shingles.
It is therefore important to check that the flashings are not cracked and that their waterproofing is intact.
Note also that the plumbing vent deserves to be inspected. The poor adhesion of its outline on the roof surface can cause water infiltration.

Other causes of water infiltration

On another note, the accumulation of water and ice on a roof is particularly problematic and significantly increases water infiltration risk.
If you are not comfortable removing snow accumulated on the roof on your own, do consult a professional.

The presence of a layer of ice on the roof in the spring indicates heat loss and a lack of ventilation.
Melting ice will likely cause the shingles to lift and, therefore, potentially lead to water infiltration.

Finally, carefully inspect the metal cap or perimeter of the roof. Traces of rust here indicate the probable presence of water infiltration.

Note that any water infiltration can be caused by a condensation problem between the roof and the ceiling. The formation of ice in this area and its subsequent melting in the spring causes an accumulation of water that may turn into water infiltration.

What to do in case of infiltration in the roof?
If, unfortunately, it is too late for the application of preventive measures, and you notice the signs of water infiltration, you should proceed with the attic inspection.
Immediately place a container under the leak. If possible, ventilate the house.

Then, call a professional to help you fix the problem areas.
Inevitably, you will also have to fix traces of water damage to the paint on the ceiling and wall and the wall using a professional painting contractor.

Need help Fixing Water Damaged Paint?

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