Can We Use The Same Paint Indoors as Outdoors in Louisville, KY?

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Can We Use The Same Paint Indoors as Outdoors in Louisville, KY?

Depending on the surfaces to be painted and the conditions that the surface will have to withstand, it is wise to choose a suitable paint.

It seems obvious that an exterior painting will not have to face the same aging conditions as the bedroom.
Exposure to bad weather, sunlight, and UV rays will not lead to the same deterioration.

Acrylic paint and glycerol, for example, which one is best suited to which environment? Can oil paint and water-based paint hold up the same? Can each be suitable for mural painting?

Here are some explanations relating to the use of each of the solutions offered by each range of paint.

Interior Painting

Indoors, decorative paint is most often used. Beyond the embellishment of rooms and wall coverings, it is important to use quality paint according to the room/space.

For example, an acrylic wall and ceiling paint will be more suitable for a room where you will be spending a lot of time.
For example, when repainting a bedroom, its low emission of potentially polluting particles makes it an ideal solution.
Likewise, alkyd paint will be possible for the same reasons.

For the kitchen or bathroom paint (wet room in general), prefer glycerol paint, much easier to clean.
Also, choose anti-humidity paints that are resistant to mold as well as dirt.

Likewise, an effect paint will be used more indoors. For example, a satin product will have more of a place in your interiors than outside, where a matte finish is preferred.

Eco-friendly paint or natural paint is also preferred indoors. Its low emissivity, as well as its slightly shorter durability, would make it a perfect option.

Exterior Painting

Special exterior paint usually contains more solvents. It is most often epoxy paint, more likely to last over time.
It has excellent covering power and offers high protection in terms of weather resistance.

A thinner such as white spirit will be used to dilute it and clean the tools (rollers, brushes, paint gun, etc.) and any paint drips/splashes.
Outdoors, it is important to note that you need to prepare the surface by cleaning and stripping them while using excellent adhesion products.
This is what any good painting company will do before embarking on your exterior painting work.

Interior: Matt, Satin or Glossy Paint?

It should first be noted that most of the paints in each range are offered with different finishes. The pigments they contain allow you to play with the same type of paint on several textures.
Do not hesitate to seek advice from a painter or a specialized paint store before choosing one solution over another.

Mate: It is the easiest paint to use. Its opaque and shiny appearance makes it possible to “hide” any defects in the walls.

Satin: The satin texture allows for a more sophisticated finish. It allows you to play with the brightness of the room while giving an excellent level of finish. Easy to apply, it is a good covering paint.

Gloss: It is preferable in busy rooms and spaces. Its shine provides a “mirror effect,” which often reveals surface flaws.

If you need any help with choosing the right paint and a perfect color pallet for your living room and repainting your interior, our team at Serious Business Painting can help.

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