Guide to Choosing a Paint Color for Your Bathroom in Shelby County, KY

2024-05-22 Serious Business Painting Louisville KY Materials To Get For A Fence Painting Project
Materials To Get For A Fence Painting Project in Louisville, KY
May 22, 2024
2024-05-22 Serious Business Painting Louisville KY Materials To Get For A Fence Painting Project
Materials To Get For A Fence Painting Project in Louisville, KY
May 22, 2024

When it comes to home renovations, your bathroom space, along with all other spaces in your home, should be of priority for a makeover.

It’s not just a functional space; it’s also a personal retreat where one starts and ends their day.

One of the best ways to do this is through a painting project; and choosing the right paint color greatly affects your bathroom’s transformation.

So, if you’re thinking of treating your bathroom space to a fresh coat of paint, here’s something you should read on the way to the paint store!

Here’s a Guide to Choosing a Paint Color for Your Bathroom.

1. Think About the Size of Your Bathroom

In choosing a paint color for your bathroom, the size of the space is a critical but often overlooked factor that should significantly influence your color choice.

It is important to remember that your choice of paint color, whether dark or light, will have a significant impact on your perceived space.

Light colors tend to open up a space, since they reflect more light; on the other hand, dark colors often make a space feel more confined and intimate.

If you have an already cramped bathroom space, you might want to gravitate towards lighter colors and avoid its opposite.

However, if you do want to make your bathroom feel more intimate and cozier, going for dark colors might be your best bet!

2. Consider Your Bathroom’s Lighting

Lighting is another critical factor to consider in your choice.

You should know that lighting has a significant impact on how your paint color will eventually look once painted on a surface.

Essentially, your paint color’s eventual appearance depends on the kind of lighting your bathroom space receives.

Thus, it is important to check paint samples under your bathroom’s lighting – this way, you really get to see how it will look once painted there!

This will also help you avoid getting a paint color that looks good in the paint store, but does the opposite once painted on your bathroom – which will be a regrettable, not to mention expensive, mistake.

3. Coordinate with Fixtures and Décor

To ensure a cohesive finish for your bathroom, you should coordinate your paint choice with the existing fixtures and décor present in the space.

To do this, take note of the color of your tiles, cabinetry, and fixtures.

For example, traditional bathrooms with classic white tiles and chrome fixtures pair well with crisp whites or soft pastels, enhancing a clean and timeless look.

For more modern designs featuring darker fixtures or unique materials like brushed brass or matte black, consider bolder, darker colors to create a contemporary and cohesive aesthetic.

If you’re still in between deciding about which one should fit best with your bathroom space, you can refer to design inspirations online, or ask for a paint professional’s opinion at your local paint store!

4. Be Certain Of What You Want

Aside from the preliminary factors mentioned above, you’ll also need to be certain of exactly what you want.

You must remember that color has the power to influence your mood, so you should be really certain of what you want.

After all, it is your bathroom, and you deserve to have a bathroom space that makes you feel relaxed and right at home!

5. Test Colors Before Committing

Finally, always test paint colors in your bathroom before making a final decision.

To do this, you should purchase sample pots and paint large swatches on different walls to see how the color changes in varying lights and at different times of the day.

This step can prevent dissatisfaction caused by choosing a color that looks perfect on a swatch but entirely different on your walls.

Consider how the paint interacts with elements like natural and artificial lighting, as well as how it looks with your tiles, cabinets, and fixtures.

While doing this may sound fussy, remember that it is also this tip that will get you going into your painting project confident and sure that you will love its result – so it might be worth the fuss after all!

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