Renovating a Condo Kitchen Shelby County, KY: What You Need To Know.

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Renovating a Condo Kitchen Shelby County, KY: What You Need To Know.

If you currently live in a condo that you want to renovate, you will face certain limitations, possibilities, and strategies regarding the approach to take.

In this article, we cover kitchen remodeling in a condo and everything you should consider while renovating that space in Shelby County, KY. This will help you avoid unpleasant surprises during the process.

Know What Can and Cannot Be Done

Before you start ripping off that old-fashioned backsplash, it’s important to know the rules that govern renovation projects in the building where you live.
Most condominium towers have a board of directors, which is responsible for determining the rules for living in a community and the changes that can be made in the building, usually including renovations.
Aspects relating to your renovation project that could be governed by the council are as follows:
• The days and times when renovations can take place;
• The materials that are allowed in the building;
• Which elevator or lift can be used;
• The rules for hiring a contractor.
In some cases, you will need a permit in addition to written authorization from the council.
In any case, it is crucial to know the logistics involved in renovating a condo in advance. Otherwise, planning the work schedule, delegating it, and even carrying it out could cause you serious headaches.

Keep in mind that confirming these logistical aspects in advance will help you stay on the good side of the council and your neighbors too.
It’s also important to mention that due to the logistics of renovating a condo, the process might be slower than if you were renovating your own home. When it comes to setting a timeline, try to be as realistic as possible.

What Does Your Kitchen Need?

Once all the logistical details have been sorted out, you can get down to your kitchen needs.
Determine the reasons that motivated you to undertake these renovations in the first place.
Do you need more space in the kitchen? Are you looking to increase the resale value of your condo?

Do you hate the look of today’s counters? Are you looking to add elements that allow you to enjoy your kitchen more?
Each of these questions will help you determine how your home improvement project will go. Determining what your priorities are will help you get things done right.

If you plan to do just cosmetic renovations, focus on adding items that are removable or that can be transported to another home like new furniture or appliances.
If you are hoping to contribute to the resale value of your condo, you should think about things like the cabinets, tiles, flooring, or a new coat of paint on the walls.


Condos are not among the largest living spaces and when it comes to renovating your kitchen, you may face certain restrictions.
For this reason, you might consider making a plan that will maximize the space. In some cases, you may need to take into consideration the presence of abnormally angled walls or columns with unusual locations.

If you are going forward with large-scale changes, knowing which walls and items can be moved, removed, or opened is essential.
You may need help from a professional contractor.

Also, the location of the electrical wiring can cause certain limitations and create difficulties during your renovation project.
In a few cases, most of the electrical wiring could pass inside the ceiling or outside your unit.
In almost all cases, you will need to work with an expert to redirect the electrical wiring.

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