Tips For Preparing To Paint Your Bedroom Cabinets in Oldham County, KY

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Tips For Preparing To Paint Your Bedroom Cabinets in Oldham County, KY

While painting your bedroom cabinets seems like an easy-breezy task, rushing into this project will definitely lead you to abysmal results, and eventually a messy painting project.

Properly preparing for a painting project, even something you deem as easy as a bedroom cabinet project, is important to ensure that you do not end up with a mess of a project.

So, to help you prepare for your bedroom cabinet painting project, here’s something you should read!

Here are Tips For Preparing To Paint Your Bedroom Cabinets.

1. Getting the Right Paint

Before starting any painting project, it is important to get the right painting materials for the project first.

First on the list will be the core of your painting project – paint itself!

Every painting project will require a specific kind of paint formulation made for the type of surface you’re going to be painting – interior painting will require interior paint and exterior paint for exterior painting.

So, in painting your bedroom cabinets, make sure to acquire a kind of paint made for cabinets in your bedroom. 

If you’re having a hard time determining this all on your own, you can ask a local paint professional at your nearest paint store – they’ll be happy to help you with your queries!

2. Gathering Your Painting Materials

To help you apply the paint on your bedroom cabinets, you will also need to gather the other painting materials you’ll need for your project.

Shopping for paint materials can be difficult especially if you do not know where to begin, so here’s a list of things you’ll possibly need to get:

  1. Acrylic or Oil-based Paint (suitable for cabinets)
  2. Primer (for glossy or stained surfaces)
  3. High-quality Brushes (various sizes, including detail brush)
  4. Foam Rollers and Roller Tray
  5. Sandpaper (medium and fine-grit)
  6. Sanding Block or Power Sander
  7. Mild Detergent, Sponges, and Clean Rags
  8. Painter’s Tape
  9. Drop Cloths or Plastic Sheeting
  10. Safety Gear (gloves, safety goggles, dust mask/respirator)
  11. Screwdrivers, Putty Knife, Wood Filler
  12. Paint Can Opener, Stir Stick, Rags, or Paper Towels
  13. Container or Cup for brush cleaning
  14. Optional: New Hardware for cabinets (knobs, handles)

While it may seem to be a tasking job to gather all of the materials you’ll need for your project at once, doing this will also save you from any sudden trips to the paint store – which might cause unnecessary delays to your project. 

After all, it’s just better to do a painting project when you have all you need just a reach away, right?

3. Do Proper Surface Preparation

After making sure that you have all you need for your project, you’ll now want to do proper surface preparation.

Doing this means cleaning your cabinets, inspecting them for any kind of physical damage, and patching up any damage, if there are any, accordingly. 

Doing this process is important to ensure that your cabinets are in their best state to hold a coat of paint, which in turn, allows for a smoother paint finish – which is essentially what you want as a result of your project!

4. Prime and Sand 

After making sure that your surface is at its optimal surface to hold a coat of paint, you’ll now want to proceed with the next step in your preparation process – sanding the surface and applying primer. 

To start, you’ll want to use a medium-grit sandpaper, and lightly sand all the surfaces you plan to paint – this process roughens up the surface slightly, providing a better grip for the paint.

Then, you’ll want to apply primer next. 

Primer will ensure that your paint adheres well to your surface and that your paint has better coverage, allowing for a brighter paint color – essentially helping you avoid two of the most common paint problems: paint peeling and fading.

Just make sure that you dry your primer accordingly, and you’re just one step away from completing your preparation process!

5. Apply Painter’s Tape and Protect the Area

Lastly, to ensure that you won’t be getting any unnecessary mess on your project, make sure to apply painter’s tape and protect the necessary areas. 

To ensure clean edges and protect areas you don’t want to paint, use painter’s tape along the edges of the cabinets and any adjacent walls or countertops.

Then, make sure to lay down drop cloths or old sheets to protect your floors and furniture from paint drips.

This will ensure that you won’t be cleaning up drips and spills off your floors and other surfaces after your project – which tends to be time-consuming and tiring!


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