Budget Tips When Painting Your Exterior in Shelby County, KY

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Budget Tips When Painting Your Exterior in Shelby County, KY

It is no secret that an exterior painting project can get especially expensive.

Even when you opt to do it yourself, the costs required for an exterior painting project will still pile up, and possibly going over your budget if you’re not careful.

So, if you’re looking for some tips to help you stay within budget for your upcoming exterior painting project, here’s something for you!

Here are Budget Tips When Painting Your Exterior.

1. Plan in Advance

If you’re doing an exterior painting project on a rather tight budget, you better plan your project in advance.

Effective planning, especially planning in advance, is the key to any successful exterior painting project, and most especially if you’re doing it on a tight budget.

Planning in advance gives you a clearer idea of what you want for your project, and what you’ll need to get, and gives you the time to canvass for cheap but quality items and materials to use for your project. 

Plus, planning in advance lets you anticipate and prevent any problems/issues that might arise in your project later on – and resolving problems will require you to spend extra money, and we don’t want that!

Doing this might look like:

  • Thoroughly planning every aspect of your project, from selecting the paint colors to estimating the required materials.
  • Testing paint samples on a small section of your exterior to ensure you’re satisfied with your choices.
  • Creating a detailed project timeline to coordinate the various tasks involved, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

You must remember that adequate planning will help you avoid costly mistakes and unexpected expenses down the road.

2. Look for Discounted Items

To stay within budget, you have to be extra nifty and look for discounted items when shopping for paint materials!

You can save a lot of money by buying discounted items at your local paint shops.

Always keep an eye out for paint sales, promotions, or discounts offered by local stores or online retailers, and don’t be shy to ask your local paint retailers for any good deals.

Additionally, you might want to purchase paint and painting supplies in advance, during sale events and other holiday days, to significantly reduce your overall project costs.

Lastly, don’t settle with the first bargain you see – be sure to compare prices from different suppliers to find the best deals!

3. Borrow Equipment

If you do have the means to do so, borrowing equipment and tools instead of also having to buy them could rack up a ton of savings for your project’s budget.

A painting project, especially an exterior painting project, will require you a variety of equipment and tools, some of which you may not have readily available.

So, if you do have friends or relatives who happen to have painting equipment lying somewhere in their homes, you might want to consider borrowing from them rather than purchasing or renting these items.

Items like ladders, paint sprayers, or specialized brushes can be costly to acquire, but borrowing them can help you complete your project without straining your budget.

Just ensure that you return borrowed items in good condition and express your gratitude to the lenders.

4. Reuse Leftover Paint

If you do have any leftover paint from previous projects, you might want to consider reusing them!

Using existing paint will not only save you money, but also help you reduce waste – a budget-saving, environmentally-conscious choice!

However, do inspect the paint first and assess whether it’s still usable and in good condition, and whether it is an appropriate color for your upcoming exterior project.

5. Don’t Use Too Many Colors

While it can be tempting to incorporate a variety of colors into your exterior painting project, using too many colors can increase your costs significantly.

Each additional color will just bloat your expense, not to mention that it’ll also double the time and effort you’ll have to do for your project.

Instead, opt for a color scheme that uses fewer shades, focusing on key elements such as the main body, trim, and accents.

This not only simplifies your project but also reduces the amount of paint you need to purchase, without the need to overspend.


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