Residential Painting in Anchorage, KY: Tips for Keeping Your Painting Tools

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Home Painting Shelby County, KY: Tips for Perfect Interior Painting
June 24, 2020
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Residential Painting in Anchorage, KY: Tips for Keeping Your Painting Tools

Are you carrying out some repaint job on or around your home?
Most of the time, you will need to paint a necessary finishing step for most renovation projects.
To do this well, you will also need to maintain your painting tools as soon as the renovation work is completed.
Get in the habit of cleaning your tools in order to keep them for a long time and reuse them to their full potential.

If maintaining your painting tools is a challenge, here are some tips on how to store and maintain some of the most common painting tools;

How to Maintain Your Brushes?

Bringing Old Brushes Back to Life

Use a solution of boiled vinegar. Immerse your brush in the solution for 24 hours.
Rinse thoroughly and dry.

Clean Your Brushes

Between each coat of paint, keep your brushes in a cold storage area.
In addition to reducing the amount of water needed for rinsing, you will save time.
Wrap your brushes in a plastic bag and place them in the non-food refrigerator or cold storage room if you have one, for a maximum of 24 hours.

For latex paint, first, remove excess paint from the bristles of the brush.
If necessary, use a wooden spatula all over the bristles of the brush.
Dip the brush in a soapy water solution and then rinse with clean water.
Finally, brush the brush over the old newspaper to remove excess water.
Avoid twisting your brush to avoid damaging the bristles.

Between your painting jobs, be sure to store your brushes in a dry place and away from dust and debris of all kinds.
The ideal is a closed box.

How to Maintain Rollers?

Prepare The Rollers Before Use

Before each use, remember to clean your roller.
Even if it is new, submerge it in hot water to remove dust and white particles of fibers that may come off.
Dry it properly before using it. If the ends of your roller are messy, trim them with a chisel to prevent loose particles or poor paint applications.
Then run a lint roller over each roller before you start painting.

Clean The Rollers After Use

Roll the excess paint as far as possible onto your wall. Then wring out your roll using a wooden spatula.
Remove the handle from the roller and immerse it in the soapy water. Let the paint drain from the roller until your soapy water is saturated.
Repeat this step until there is no more paint left. Dry for next time.

How to Store Your Paint Containers?

Close The Container Correctly

After returning the excess paint to its original container (very important), Wipe the edges of the container and the grooves in the lid.
These could prevent the container from being hermetically sealed.
The original paint container is the best way to keep your paint for a long time.
To make sure the cover is in place, you can use a hammer.
Gently tap the lid following the outline.
To prevent a dry film from forming on the top of the container, store it upside down.
This way, the film will form at the bottom of the container, and you will avoid spreading it on your walls the next time you use it.

Store The Container

Finally, place your paint container in a cool, dry place away from light
Also, be aware that freezing can damage your paint.
You can keep it for up to 2 years after opening the container for most paints.

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