Signs Your Home in Louisville, KY Needs a Renovation

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Signs Your Home in Louisville, KY Needs a Renovation

When we buy our first house, everything seems perfect for us.
Over time, you live there and build your family, your environment, and your cocoon that you call your home.
Over the years, your home grows with you and although this can be subtle, it can age quickly.

Even if some signs are difficult to discern than others, when you put a little thought into them, you quickly realize that it might be time to give back some love to our house.

In this article, we discuss some signs that could help you target your priorities as you plan to renovate your home in Louisville, KY;

Signs Your Home Needs a Renovation

Your roof looks fragile

If after a few storms and several winters, you notice a weakening of the roof (loss of shingles, water infiltration, subsidence), this is one of the first signs to take into account.

Your floors are in bad shape

Whether it’s a family home or you live there alone, your floors are not immune to the wear and tear of time.
Natural materials like wood could deteriorate over the years, either by the amount of furniture you have moved, animal claws, etc.

You are running out of space

Especially for growing families, you may reach a point in your household where you are simply running out of space.
Revisit your interior and see if you are not using the full potential of your home.

Your exterior siding is damaged

The exterior of your home is constantly exposed to the elements of the seasons. Whether it is brick, vinyl, wood, or aluminum, your siding is not immune and could eventually deteriorate.
You might only need to repaint your exterior for better protection, or maybe replace a few planks of wood.

You find mold

If your insulation seemed already weak or at the end of its life, moisture may be building up in your walls, resulting in mold growth in the most affected areas.
This is an indicator for your health to take seriously and to resolve quickly.
You Notice Growing Cracks On Your Walls

Old houses ‘move’ over time, which is why some cracks can form on your walls. However, if you notice that these seem to get longer over time, this could be a good reason to start renovation work.
If the cracks are superficial, you can opt for cosmetic renovations such as repainting, while if the cause is structural, you will have to undertake more extensive work.

There Are Cracks in Your Foundation

Just like inside, exterior cracks could be a good reason to finally renovate your home.
Do you notice signs of wear and tear on the foundation walls, but you are not able to tell if it is a serious problem?
Consider calling a professional for extensive assessment and repair.

Your paint is peeling or turning yellow

As you live in your home, signs of wear and tear can appear, and paint on your walls is one of them.
Several factors will lead to the long term wear and tear of your paint.
This phenomenon is particularly common in bathrooms due to humidity and on decks due to exposure to the elements.

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