Interior Painting Oldham County, KY: Consider This When Choosing Paint

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Interior Painting Oldham County, KY: Consider This When Choosing Paint

The application of paint in your interior depends on many factors: exposure, substrate, undercoat, and choice of colors

In this article, we will be sharing some critical things you should consider when choosing paint for your interior painting project in County, KY.

Be Sure to Clean the Surface

Before applying the paint, it is necessary to clean your wall. Start by removing the current coating if it is wallpaper or paint.
Then you need to take the time to clean the wall so that it is perfectly smooth and ready for future paint.
Remove everything you have on the wall, such as nails, and take the time to fill in the holes with a sealant.
During all this preparation, you must identify the type of substrate to choose suitable paint depending on whether the walls are brick, wood, plaster, etc.

Prepare the Surface

Now that the surface is perfectly clean, you need to apply the primer.
In this way, the paint will be perfectly homogeneous, and the rendering will be even more uniform.
Choose the primer based on the type and condition of your substrate.
For damp rooms, we recommend an anti-humidity primer.

Monitor New Products and Paint Trends

Before buying your interior paint, take the time to update yourself.
The technologies relating to the design of the paint evolve every day, and today we have very efficient paints.
For example, some paints do not need undercoats. Paints are also more and more environmentally friendly and take care of your health since they do not emit any toxic fumes.
On the trendy side, there are many, but the best way to catch up with them is to follow the decorating news.
You can do this through common social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.
Otherwise, decoration sites are also good benchmarks, and they help you determine your preferences.

Choosing The Interior Paint Finish

This step is a crucial choice because each paint finish has its advantages and disadvantages. Among the different aspects, we find:

• The satin finish: it has a so-called silky finish. Its softness makes the paint pleasant to the touch. The satin paint is very resistant to dirt and is easy to maintain since it cleans quickly. It is suitable for all types of rooms.
• Matt: the matt paints absorb light, so they are reserved for large rooms with good brightness. The finish makes it possible to hide imperfections on the wall, but it does not resist scratches as well.
• Glossy finish: an ideal finish for small rooms since it reflects light through its glossy effect. The glossy paint gives a feeling of space and intensifies the colors. Despite the lacquered reflection, it is easy to clean paint, but it brings out the imperfection of the surface.

The Different Effect Paints

As with the finishes, the paints are also available with effects. The effect paints are very beautiful and attractive, but they need to be handled with care and add small touches.
The application of effect paints is more complex because it is generally done in several layers. The different effect paints available on the market are:

• Magnetic paint: a paint that allows you to add magnets and attach photos to the wall;
• Chalkboard effect paint: a painting reminiscent of school paintings. You can chalk on it;
• Glitter paint: available with large or small glitter. You will get a very bright glittery wall thanks to it;
• Painting with a concrete effect: it looks like concrete;
• Metallic paint: a paint reminiscent of metal;
• Sanded paint: paint with a grainy touch and resembling sand.

Choose a Paint

Your personal tastes will always be of great importance in this step.
That said, remember that decoration is above all a question of measure and consistency.
We recommend choosing no more than three shades in any room.

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