7 Creative Updates To Your Kitchen Cabinets in Anchorage, KY

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7 Creative Updates To Your Kitchen Cabinets in Anchorage, KY

When you have had a set of kitchen cabinets for a while, it’s entirely feasible that you might want to change up the look of the cabinets — after all, taking the time to update your cabinets is more cost effective than entirely replacing them.

The nice thing about updating your kitchen cabinets is that in some cases you can mix these suggestions and make an even more interesting kitchen cabinet look out of just a couple of ideas.

With that being the case, let’s look at seven creative updates to your kitchen cabinets in Anchorage, KY.

1. Removable Wallpaper

There’s one way that you can update the look of your kitchen cabinets and make sure that if you need to back out of it, you can do so quite easily.

This is in the form of removable wallpaper — it’s typically used to put on your walls for a couple of years and then easily removed to move on to the next look.

With a good removable wallpaper, you can choose from quite a lot of different designs and colors and even better, you can mix up a couple of different colors and be able to add to the look of the kitchen cabinets.

2. Clear Cabinet Door Inserts

Your typical kitchen cabinets come with a solid insert, meaning that you cannot see the inside of the cabinets — and a relatively simple update to the look of your cabinets is to remove the opaque inserts and to replace them with a glass or plexiglass insert.

The nice thing about a glass insert is that you will be able to see what’s in your kitchen cabinets, so if for example, you have nice plates you’re going to be able to see them more easily.

3. Remove The Doors

An even easier way to get a good view of what’s inside your kitchen cabinets is to entirely remove the doors — or to selectively remove the doors.

The trick with doing this is that you have to be careful to also remove the hardware that is there to attach the door to the cabinet itself — otherwise, it detracts from the look of the kitchen cabinets.

People who remove some or all of the doors to their kitchen cabinets also have the benefit that the interior is easier to access.

4. Updated Hardware

A relatively easy way to update your kitchen cabinets is to replace the various hardware that is found on it — the pulls that open the cabinet doors and drawers, specifically.

The most interesting aspect of this is that you can find such hardware at places like even a thrift store, adding a bit of historic perspective to your kitchen cabinets.

5. Sliding Shelves

The next couple of suggestions are going to be ones that are going to be not just aesthetic in nature but also practical, starting with the idea of adding sliding shelves to your cabinets.

The good thing about adding sliding shelves is that you are going to be able to more easily get to the things that are in the back of your cabinets.

6. Storage Bars For Better Storage

Next on the line for improving the practical function of your cabinets is to use storage bars — these hang on the backs of your cabinet doors.

These are good at holding small things that can more easily get buried in your kitchen cabinets.

7. Stencils

Lastly, think about how nice your kitchen cabinets would look if you were to apply a nice new design to them making use of a stencil.

The best thing about this is that you don’t particularly have to have any artistic ability to make use of stencils — all you do is to put the stencil on the cabinet and paint!

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