Mistakes You Should Avoid in Painting Your Bedroom in Anchorage, KY

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Mistakes You Should Avoid in Painting Your Bedroom in Anchorage, KY

Doing a bedroom painting project is indeed one of the most exciting projects one can venture into since this is a project that you could totally infuse your creativity and personal taste to create a space tailored fit for you!

But, going into it without getting acquainted with the proper protocols and the potential painting mistakes you need to avoid is a sure road to failure. 

So, if you seek to revamp your bedroom space and do a bedroom painting project, here’s something you might want to read first. 

Here are Mistakes You Should Avoid in Painting Your Bedroom.

1. Skipping Proper Surface Preparation

In gearing yourself for a bedroom painting project, one of the most important things you must do in your preparation process would be to do proper surface preparation – and thus, skipping this would be a huge mistake to do in your project.

The proper surface preparation process ensures that the surface you’re going to be painting will be in its best state; which is ideally a smooth and clean surface.

Doing this will involve inspecting your surface for any type of damage, doing the necessary repairs for these damages if there are any, and making sure that your bedroom interior is free of any dirt, dust, or debris that might have accumulated on it over time. 

Skipping surface preparation will inevitably lead you to abysmal painting results, one you’ll definitely need to redo from the start, doubling not only your effort but also your initial expenses – which is a big deal since a painting project can be especially expensive!

2. Rushing Your Paint Selection Process

In doing a bedroom painting project, or really any painting project, choosing a paint color will be one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make for the project – and in doing so, there are several factors that you must consider, to ensure you end up with the right choices. 

Thus, rushing your paint selection process will be a mistake that could potentially cost you. 

First, there’s the lighting – which tends to have a significant effect on how your paint color will eventually appear once painted on your surface. 

Depending on the lighting present in the space, a certain paint color can take on varied appearances; it can look shades darker or lighter, paler or deeper, or even have undertones you didn’t even notice when you first checked the color!

Thus, you must check paint samples in your bedroom space, to see which ones might look good with the lighting in there, so you can eventually make an informed decision.

Additionally, you’ll also want to check out the dominant colors and elements present in the space, and make sure to factor these into your decision, since you’ll want to end up with a choice that goes well with them – allowing for a more cohesive look!

3. Neglecting to Use Primer

Primer will always be a non-negotiable in any painting project – thus, neglecting its use will be a mistake you don’t want to make in your latest bedroom painting project!

First, primer will ensure that you have better coverage for your coat of paint, which eventually allows for a more vibrant paint color and finish.

Primer also ensures that your coat of paint will have better adhesion to your bedroom interior, which could significantly lower your chances of paint problems such as paint peeling or cracking. 

A lack of primer application will just cause unnecessary problems on your project, and results that are half-baked are bound to show signs of degradation sooner. 

4. Not Having Proper Ventilation 

While most paint formulas nowadays have adapted better and safer formulations, most paint will still emit strong fumes that will not entirely be friendly to our noses.

Thus, not thinking about or not having proper ventilation while painting in your bedroom space might be a mistake you’ll overlook.

These paint fumes can last up to days in the space even when the paint has already dried, so having proper ventilation will ensure that you can cut this time in half.

So, make sure to have some fans in the space for air circulation and keep your windows open, so the fumes will have somewhere to go out. 


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