Choosing A Paint Color For Your Bathroom Cabinets in Oldham County, KY

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Choosing A Paint Color For Your Bathroom Cabinets in Oldham County, KY

If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom’s overall appeal, treating your bathroom cabinets to a fresh coat of paint might be an unexpected way for you to do that.

Aside from their immediate function of providing us with extra storage space, our bathroom cabinets actually contribute to our bathroom’s space overall appeal, making it look complete and well tied up.

So, if you are thinking of doing a bathroom cabinet painting project and currently shopping for paint, here’s something you’ll want to read as you make that decision!

Here’s a guide for Choosing A Paint Color For Your Bathroom Cabinets.

1. Consider the Overall Aesthetic

In deciding on a paint color to use for your bathroom cabinets, you will want to think about the overall aesthetic you are trying to establish in the space. 

This is a factor you’ll need to consider since you’ll want to have a clear vision for your project, so you can properly narrow down your choices that will fit with the certain kind of aesthetic you have in mind. 

There is a flurry of choices out there in the paint market, and it will be easy to get overwhelmed by the number of choices – so ensuring that you have a clear vision in mind before going to the paint store actually saves you from so much hassle!

To do this, you can check design inspirations or interior mock-ups online, so you’ll have an idea of which works best when paired with certain elements, and eventually narrow it down to one you like!

2. Take A Look At Your Bathroom Interior

In choosing a paint color for your bathroom cabinets, you will also want to take a good look at your bathroom interior and see which colors and elements are present.

This is important because you will also want to take this into consideration in choosing a paint color for your cabinets, to ensure that you end up with a paint color that goes well with them, essentially ensuring a cohesive paint finish.

This is a crucial factor that you should not forget to consider since your cabinets are already a physically separate element on your cabinets, and you don’t want them in a paint color that will make them look even more disconnected from the rest of the space.

If you are having a hard time doing this, you can refer to color palettes online, so you can see which colors are best paired with which, or consult with a paint professional.

3. Think About Light and Space

Lighting and space play crucial roles in determining the right paint color for your bathroom cabinets.

First, lighting will have a significant effect on how your paint color will end up looking.

How your paint color will eventually look fully depends on the type of lighting you have in your bathroom space, thus, it is important for you to test your paint color with the lighting in your bathroom space.

Doing this informs you of which paint colors will look best with the lighting in your bathroom space, essentially saving you from any disappointment.

Additionally, your bathroom space is an important factor to consider.

If you have limited bathroom space, you’ll want to have a maximum of three colors for your cabinets, with one as the main color and the other one/two as highlights to avoid overwhelming an already limited space. 

4. Test First Before Committing

Never underestimate the power of testing paint swatches before making a final decision.

While a paint color can look good on a paint sample, it could look different under various circumstances, so it is important that you test your paint color first before committing to a final paint color. 

Apply a few swatches directly onto the cabinets and observe them throughout the day, paying attention to how they look under both natural and artificial light.


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