Tips For Painting Your Living Room With Lesser Mess in Shelby County, KY

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Tips For Painting Your Living Room With Lesser Mess in Shelby County, KY

In any painting project, the mess will always be a part of it in some way – this just happens when you are working with paint.

However, just because it is the usual doesn’t mean that there’s no way that you can avoid it – with the right tips and tricks at hand, one can reduce or avoid a mess in doing their painting project.

So, if you are currently planning your living room painting project and would like to know some tips to avoid mess while doing it, here’s something you should read.

Here are Tips For Painting Your Living Room With Lesser Mess.

1. Ensure To Clear The Space

In order to avoid a mess in painting your living room, we should ensure to clear the space prior to your painting project.

This means temporarily removing everything that is present in your living room space, such as your furniture, your appliances, decorations, and many other things that you might have in the area.

This is important in avoiding mess because you will want to remove as much clutter and obstruction as possible and allow for freer movements when you are going to be painting in this space.

There tend to be a lot of movements and activities involved in the painting project, so this will surely help you in trying to avoid mess.

For instance, just think about the mess that could happen if you suddenly trip or slip over something as you are carrying cans of paint – it’s just such a hassle!

2. Do Proper Surface Preparation

In order to avoid a mess in your living room painting project, you will also want to do proper surface preparation.

Proper surface preparation is important in any painting project, and it will be beneficial in avoiding mess in your living room painting project so you can avoid getting a messy paint finish.

A messy paint finish can happen if you don’t inspect your surface for any signs of damage prior to painting, nor clean your surface from all the dirt and dust that might have accumulated on them over time.

A messy paint finish is a classic marker of a failed painting project, and one that you will have to redo and repaint all over again, which just doubles your expense and effort.

So if you do not want to fall into this same unfortunate fate, remember to do proper surface preparation in order to avoid creating mass in your painting project, and essentially hassling yourself.

3. Use Dropcloths For Your Fixtures

When you are temporarily removing things from your living room. You will find that some you won’t be able to do so – such as fixed cabinets, hanging shelves, or a mounted TV set.

These are called your living room fixtures, and in order to avoid getting mess all over them as you paint your living room, you should cover them up with drop cloths.

Drop cloths are an important aspect of a painting project if you are trying to avoid mess because this will protect your fixtures and floors from having paint drips and spills all over them, which tends to be inevitable in a painting project.

However, when you are shopping for drop cloths, it is recommended that you get a canvas-type drop cloth, so you can ensure that the paint won’t seep through its fabric and possibly stain your fixtures and floors.

4. Use Painter’s Tape

Painter’s tape will also be an important part of your painting project if you want to ensure that you will be getting as little mess as possible.

Painter’s tape will ensure that you won’t be getting paint smudges when you will be painting your wall’s edges and crevices, and that you will be having seamless and straight borders as a result.

However, you should ensure to remove your tape after your coat of paint has dried as soon as possible, because any longer than that and the tape might also peel away your fresh coat of paint – which is another problem entirely.


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