Things You Need to Know When Repainting Your Home Exterior

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Things You Need to Know When Repainting Your Home Exterior

When life gets back to normal, home improvement projects like an exterior painting would probably be one of your priorities.
If you’re planning to carry out exterior painting in Anchorage, KY, either DIY or hiring a professional contractor, here are some things you need to know;

Surface Must Be Free of Dirt and Dry

Before embarking on a painting project, first prepare the surface so that the new paint or stain will adhere well to it.
• Remove dirt with trisodium phosphate (TSP).
• Remove mold with a chlorine-based cleaner.
• Remove old layers of paint with a scraper and sandpaper. (If raw wood is exposed, be sure to apply a coat of primer before painting.)
Apply a Primer

Primer plays a crucial role in a painting project.

Apply a primer first, to protect both the paint and the wood.
The primer produces a smooth and uniform surface, which allows the paint to adhere well. It also forms an impermeable layer between wood and paint.
Often dry wood absorbs paint, which makes its application uneven and complicated.
Pre-applying a primer reduces the amount of paint spread on the surface (and therefore saves time and money).
Take the measurements of the surface you want to paint before going to the store.
And always buy a little more paint than necessary, in case touch-ups need to be done in the future.

Check the Weather

Don’t let weather conditions jeopardize your painting project
• Wind: It deposits debris on your still fresh paint
• Temperature and humidity: Cold temperatures (below 10 ° C) can prevent the paint from drying out.
• Sunshine: It causes the paint to dry too quickly, which will result in the formation of marks
Generally, moisture and rain can prevent the paint from drying properly.
Direct exposure to the sun makes it difficult to differentiate areas that have been painted during application.
Check the paint label for recommendations regarding the temperatures to be observed.

Typical Painting Protocol

• Paint larger areas first
• Paint from top to bottom.

If it is a house that has been previously painted, proceed in the following order:

• cornices
• wall coverings (from top to bottom)
• windows and doors
• balconies and terraces
• shutters, storm windows, and mosquito nets can be set aside in the garage to be painted on a rainy day.

Paint Maintenance

Most paints require no aggressive maintenance. Check if specific information is indicated on the product label.
Generally, soap and water are suitable for cleaning surfaces.

Pro tip: Wait until the weather is nice for the painting job to be successful. Keep abreast of upcoming weather conditions.

Safety First

Do not forget to take the necessary precautions to carry out your project safely.
• Ladder: using a ladder requires taking certain precautions. The base of the ladder should be away from the wall at a distance equivalent to a quarter of its height. If the top of the ladder is 12 feet from the ground, its base should be 3 feet from the wall. If possible, attach the ladder to the wall.
• Lead paint: If there is any doubt that the previous coat of paint contains lead, call in local professionals to keep everyone safe.
• Volatile organic compounds (VOCs): follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on the warning label.

Painting Supplies

Choose your accessories and supplies wisely for best results

• Spray gun: The paint spray gun allows you to apply paint more quickly and distributes the paint evenly, even on surfaces that are not necessarily regular (shutters, for example). It does not leave marks like brushes or rollers and gives the surface a finish as smooth as a mirror.

• The brushes: There is a wide variety of brushes, of different shapes and sizes, suitable for various uses. Purchasing the right brush for each application (for example, a thin, angular brush for corners and details) saves time and ultimately gives a better finish.

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