Interior Painting Oldham County, KY: Choosing Accent Colors

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Interior Painting Oldham County, KY: Choosing Accent Colors

Time for interior painting in Oldham County, KY?
If you’ve chosen to add an accent wall to your home interior, we have some color tips and ideas to go along.

As you may already know, painting an accent wall instantly adds interest, fun, and creativity in any space.
Accent walls typically form a primary focal point around which other décor items are arranged.

However, choosing the wrong color and wrong wall/surface, can create a rather confusing spectacle. So how should you go about it?
Here are our thoughts:

You’re Accent Wall, Your Way

To choose a color for your accent wall, locate a complementary shade darker or more vivid than the other colors in the room.
Choose a shade that highlights the architectural details of the room, such as the fireplace, built-in shelves, or the vaulted alcove.
Remember to highlight your favorite creation with vibrant color.

Dark Color, Instant Impact

A black accent wall instantly redefines the style of a room.
In addition to asserting themselves loud and clear in a well-lit room and offering a spectacular contrast to pure or ecru white surfaces; on a practical level, the darker colors hide the dirt.

Dark colors also help camouflage TV or computer screens in a living room or home office -they provide a perfect backdrop for screens of all sizes.

Bold and Admirable

A colorful accent wall creates a touch of elegance to a lifeless room, enhancing the fabrics, furniture, rugs, and other accessories.

A light blue accent wall, for instance, makes a laundry room much more interesting. Through in a few woven baskets and small striped rugs and you have something completely new.
Not yet ready to go with darker shades? Opt for a softer accent instead.
For instance, green offers a full range of shades, thin of shades like moss green or spring.

A neutral green accent wall, for instance, combines wonderfully with pure or unbleached whites, offering a more refined version of the accent wall bright type.
Consider using paneling to create a refined, one-color effect.
Want an accent color in the hallway? Think about how it will connect adjacent rooms.

The Bottom Line

The accent wall is a great way to bring a dose of color or patterns to your interior. Not only will you have less hassle of occupying only part of the walls, but in addition, it will create a more interesting visual impact.

There are several ways to create an accent wall; it is not only a question of painting a section of the wall, but you can also put wallpaper or hang an imposing work of art on it.

One of the easiest ways to create an accent wall is to paint. When choosing the color, be sure to choose a shade that you can handle in the medium or even long term.
Select a color that inspires you, that makes you happy, creative or that helps you relax. If you decide to choose a very bright color, it would be wise to focus on a small section of the wall, like the one in the toilet for example.

If you like it, don’t hesitate to create an accent wall in the living room afterward.

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