Paint Colors To Avoid For Your Home Exterior in Louisville, KY

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Paint Colors To Avoid For Your Home Exterior in Louisville, KY

When it comes to painting your home exterior, deciding on a paint color to use for the project will be one of the most important and difficult decisions that you will have to make.

The paint color that you eventually end up with essentially impacts your home exterior’s overall appeal and aesthetic, thus, making it the choice that could either make or break your home exterior.

While there are tons of varieties of shades and colors to choose from, it’s equally important to know which paint colors to avoid for your home exterior. 

After all, you’re trying to avoid making the wrong choice at the end of the day.

So, without further ado, here are Paint Colors To Avoid For Your Home Exterior.

1. Neon Colors

While neon colors might be fun colors to paint your exterior in theory, it will not be the best thing to do in practice – thus, this will be a paint color that you should avoid painting your exterior. 

Neon colors, such as neon green, hot pink, electric blue, and fluorescent yellow, tend to be too much to the eyes, and can easily make your home look too bright and out of place.

Just imagine painting your home exterior with a flashy neon color – it might just be enough to blind anyone who dares to pass by your property!

Additionally, neon colors are more likely to fade quickly in the sun, leading to a patchy and unsightly appearance over time. 

If you do wish to incorporate some neons into your home interior, you can still do so by making them accent and highlight colors in your exterior.

Just do remember to do this wisely and tastefully, in order to not overwhelm the area with these colors. 

2. Stark White

White exteriors tend to be a famous pick among the average household – the color just has that certain timeless charm to it and is bound to still look updated and classic even with the latest trends.

However, painting your exterior with a pure, stark white may not be the best thing to do – and for a lot of good reasons. 

First, a pure white exterior will be vulnerable to tons of external factors that will dirty and stain it over time, and thus, will be harder to maintain in the long run.

Even the smallest of dirt and/or stains will be very noticeable on a pure white exterior, which will not only be an eye sore but could also bring down the overall appeal of your exterior.

Additionally, a pure white exterior might appear too sullen or clinical, which might make your home look unfriendly or uninviting in the process.

Instead, you might want to consider off-whites or warmer shades of white such as cream, to add that warmth and essentially homier feel to your exterior.

3. Dark Black or Charcoal Gray

Deep, dark colors like black and charcoal gray can be incredibly stylish and modern when used correctly, especially for your exterior.

However, if you do happen to live somewhere sunny and particularly warm, painting your home exterior with dark colors will be a huge mistake.

This is because darker colors tend to absorb more heat, thus, making your home excessively warmer – which might drive you crazy if you’re already living somewhere hot!

If you’re still keen on incorporating a dark color in one way or another, you might want to consider using it as an accent color instead, on your trim or doors, rather than your primary exterior color.

4. Whimsical Pastels

Pastels just have that unique, bubbly feel to them – with colors such as lavender, mint green, or baby blue that could definitely light up a space that it is incorporated in.

But not with your home exterior!

Similar to neon colors, pastel colors tend to be bright and flashy colors, which might easily be overwhelming and too much for the eyes. 

Additionally, pastel colors tend to apply to a very certain aesthetic or style, and thus, can easily be a hit or miss especially if it doesn’t necessarily match the style or surroundings of your exterior.

5. Trendy Colors

While it can be fun to follow trends, it will not be advisable to choose a trendy paint color for your home exterior.

Trends can easily come and go, and what may be trendy now may already be outdated in the next few weeks or months – and so will your home exterior if you do decide to paint it with one. 

Instead, you’d want to paint your exterior with something long-lasting and classic, which you can do by choosing a paint color that not only reflects your style but is also cohesive with its surroundings, allowing for a timeless look that transcends trends.

But, if you’re drawn to a certain trendy color and would like to see them on your home exterior, you might want to consider using them for accents, such as the front door or shutters, rather than the entire exterior.

This way, you can easily update these elements when trends change while maintaining a timeless exterior color scheme!


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