Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Your Bathroom in Shelby County, KY

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Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Your Bathroom in Shelby County, KY.

Having a clean, fresh, and overall aesthetically pleasing bathroom is such a heavenly experience – it really makes you feel at ease, comfortable, and right at home.

One of the things that could easily elevate a bathroom’s overall appeal would be to repaint it, but doing it is not as easy as it seems – you could easily set yourself up for failure, especially if you’re not equipped with the right information.

So, to help you have a seamless and dilemma-free experience in repainting your bathroom, here are Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Your Bathroom in Shelby County, KY.

1. Not Checking For Molds

When preparing to paint your bathroom, it’s critical to first remove any mold and mildew.

Before applying a coat of paint on your bathroom’s surface, you must inspect for any sign of mold or mildew on it first because a surface with mold or mildew on it must be thoroughly cleaned before it spreads and worsens.

One could believe that just painting will solve the problem, but this is not the case; instead, you will create a sloppy painting job that will only worsen if you do not treat it first.

The preferable option is to thoroughly clean the mold and ensure it does not return.

2. Using The Wrong Kind of Paint

Of course, there are various types of paint to use when painting a house; some are better for interior painting, while others are better for exterior painting.

When it comes to painting your bathroom, you’ll want to end up buying one that’s resistant to moisture.

With the amount of moisture present in a regular bathroom from day-to-day usage, it’s a good idea to opt for a paint that can withstand this — since moisture leads to the kind of stuff you were looking to clean and eliminate before, such as mold and mildew.

3. Skipping Surface Preparation

One of the more classic mistakes people often commit in preparing to paint their bathroom, or just painting in general, is skipping surface preparation.

Surface preparation is an essential step in your painting process because it ensures that you will have a clean and even surface to paint on so that your paint can stick and adhere to it securely – and this need for surface preparation is even greater when painting your bathroom.

Your bathroom will be exposed to so much grime, muck, not to mention molds and mildew, that you will have to remove first before you can paint your bathroom, so make sure to give your bathroom a thorough cleaning first 

4. Leaving the Light Switch and Plate Unprotected

In painting your bathroom, you should keep in mind to cover up and protect your light switch and plate, as they may get paint all over them or cause an even bigger problem, such as an electrical shock or a short circuit.

Try to cover them up with painter’s tape, or remove them temporarily as you prepare to paint your bathroom to completely eliminate the risk of electrical problems.

However, if you’re not completely up for the task of taking care of them on your own, you should look into getting professional help in painting your bathroom.

5. Checking Paint Samples Under The Wrong Light

You should also consider how your bathroom’s lighting will affect your chosen color in painting your bathroom. 

This is essential for having a well-painted bathroom because if you simply consider how your color choice will seem based on how the paint switches look in the shop, you will most probably get results that are a bit different than as how you imagined them when you were at the shop, because of the difference in lighting. 

To aid this, make sure to check paint samples under your bathroom’s lighting to see if it actually fits and looks good there, and do a test paint to be sure that it’ll look good when painted on your bathroom’s surface. 


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