Fence Painting: Tips On How To Do It in Oldham County, KY

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Fence Painting: Tips On How To Do It in Oldham County, KY

While a fence painting project sounds easy-breezy, it still wouldn’t hurt to check if there are tips and tricks that you can acquire in order to ensure that your painting project goes smoothly.

So, if you have been planning a fence painting project, here’s something to guide you along the way.

Here’s Fence Painting: Tips On How To Do It.

1. Check Weather Conditions

Before you proceed to paint your fences, you should first ensure to check weather conditions ahead of time. 

It is important that you check weather conditions because essentially, a fence painting project is an exterior type of project, and weather will be a great factor in determining when you should schedule your painting project.

Ideally, you should be painting your fences on a clear dry day, with no imminent signs of rainfall – it should be no brainer that you just cannot paint on a rainy day, since rain will just wash away any coat of paint you’ll apply onto your fences. 

You can also benefit from scheduling your fence painting project on a clear dry day because then your paint will dry relatively faster – significantly cutting down your project’s duration!

Your fences will now be up and running in no time!

2. Do Proper Surface Preparation

Because your fences are essentially outside your home, it is important that you do proper surface preparation first before painting your fences.

External factors such as dirt, mud, rocks, and many more can be a factor why your fences can become dirty and unclean over time – so, to ensure that you will have a good paint finish, you should ensure that your fences are clean before you start painting on them.

To do this, you can opt to simply scrub your fences, or do it with some kind of detergent and rinse, or even go through a more comprehensive method of cleaning and power-washing your fences – the choice entirely depends on the overall state of your fences.

Additionally, as a part of surface preparation, you shouldn’t also forget to inspect your fences for any signs of damage on them and patch them up accordingly.

This is important because no amount of paint or primer will ever be enough to conceal these damages all by itself, so you must get them patched or fixed first before painting on them, if any.

3. Remove Any Fixtures Nearby

In painting your fences, you should also ensure to remove any exterior fixtures near them, to make way as you paint your fences.

It is important to get this done so you won’t have any disturbances or obstructions as you paint your fences.

Things such as figurines, decorations, or even potted plants can be a distraction for you when you are painting your fences.

So, in order to clear the way as you paint your fences, you should ensure to allow as much space as possible and clear the area near your fences.

This also significantly reduces your chances of tripping or slipping over something as you paint your fences, which will just create a mess you don’t want to be dealing with in the middle of a painting project!

4. Get The Right Paint For Your Fences At Home

Lastly, when you are painting your fences, it is important that you acquire the appropriate type of paint for them. 

There are so many types of fences, and in each type, you will also need to acquire a certain kind of paint suited for them.

For wooden fences, you should acquire an oil-based paint. 

For metal fences, it is best that you use an enamel-based paint.

But, the best thing you can do to ensure that you will be getting the right paint for your fence painting project would be to consult with a paint professional – so don’t be shy to strike up a conversation, because they’re there to help!


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