2020 Living Room Paint Color Trends to Watch Out For In Anchorage, KY

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2020 Living Room Paint Color Trends to Watch Out For In Anchorage, KY

As you may already know, now is the best time to do some interior painting and re-decoration projects in Anchorage, KY.

If you have an interior painting project coming up, you’ve probably been searching around for trendy paint colors and color themes.

In this article, we thought we should share some unique and exciting interior color trends that we believe will be trendy in 2020 and beyond.

Here you go;

1. Lilac, Modern And Chic

Feminine and delicate, the lilac was considered obsolete a few years ago.
More subtle than purple, this shade can make your room feel larger.
It’s a symbol of harmony and softness, and it blends with bright colors and neutral and muted tones.
Depending on the decor you choose, it can be combined with a bohemian universe, an oriental style or a boudoir spirit.

2. Sahara white, bright and warm

Do you want to transform your living room into a haven of peace and breathe a traveler spirit into your space?
Choose a white that leans towards beige!
This is ideal for creating a warm atmosphere that is calming and relaxing.
Besides, you can accentuate the mineral effect by combining a white “Sahara” with raw natural materials, such as slate, concrete, and wood.

3. Hot Gray And Earth Brown

For years, black and its many shades were one of the trendy paint colors for living rooms and have now been replaced by gray.
Gray sprinkled with yellow objects (a living room rug, a sofa or even cushions for example) will give your living room intimate comfort.
If you don’t like yellow, turn to earthy chestnuts when painting your walls.
The earth tones will give your living room a calm and serene atmosphere close to nature.

4. Terracotta, Essential And Trendy

After the mandarin orange, make way for the terracotta craze.
Ultra trendy for several seasons, this color remains a safe bet for 2020.

It can work great on furniture, accessories, and lighting.
But above all, when used on the walls of the living room, it revives the atmosphere.
Evoking both earth and sun powder, terracotta comes in a myriad of tones, all ready to boost your decor.

Depending on your tastes, choose a more or less clear shade, drawing on yellow or red. And to perfect the decor, do not hesitate to add green plants, exotic accessories, carpets made of natural fibers, etc.

5. Ocher – Sublime and Vibrant

Clay shades will be on the rise in 2020.
They will make their way into our interiors and radically change the atmosphere of the interiors.

In the living room, they go perfectly with bohemian and exotic decor.
We feel that you should give these colors a try if you’re into unique trends.
It’s is one of the oldest in pictorial art.
Besides painting the walls, you can sprinkle it around your interior via vases, cups, lights, and linens.

6. Ice Blue – Calm and blissful

If you’re a follower of gray, ice blue will definitely excite you.
The subtle azure shade adds a chic touch to the decor and beautifully enhances neutral shades (such as black and white) as well as wood finishes.
You will like its comforting and reassuring side which makes you want to relax well wrapped in a big blanket. A perfect color for a living room or bedroom.

Was that helpful?

Well, this is by no means an exhaustive list of interior colors that will potentially trend in 2020, but it should give you an idea of where the trend is headed.

If you need any help to create a perfect color pallet for your living room and repainting your interior, our team at Serious Business Painting can help.

We serve the areas of Louisville, Shelby County, Oldham County, Anchorage, Prospect, and Jefferson Town, Kentucky.

Book a FREE estimate below or call us 502-641-7969 if you need any more information.

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