I Have Decided To Hire A Painting Contractor, What Next?

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August 24, 2019
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I Have Decided To Hire A Painting Contractor, What Next?

Hiring a painting contractor offers consistent, high-quality, and durable paint results. Whether you’re doing exterior home repainting or kitchen cabinet repainting, a fresh coat of paint can improve the aesthetic value of your home, and increases its value. Hiring a painter also saves you the time, money, and effort required to repaint your home on your own.

Now that you’ve decided to hire a painting contractor, you might be wondering how the whole process goes, especially if it’s your first time. In this article, we discuss the process of finding and hiring a painting contractor and what you can expect during the painting process.

Where to Find Painting Contractors

If you’re a homeowner in Louisville, Shelby County, Oldham County, Anchorage, KY, Jefferson Town, KY, and other surrounding Kentucky area, finding a painting contractor is relatively easy. Start by asking for recommendation from family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. If they know a reliable contractor they’ve worked with before, they will refer you.

If you can’t find a recommendation from your inner circles, try searching online directly on Google or service listing and rating platforms such as Yellow Pages (yellowpages.com), Yelp (Yelp.com), Angie’s List (Angieslist.com) and so on. Be sure to narrow down to your local region so that you can work with contractors that are widely accepted locally.

What to Look For In a Painting Contractor

If you’re hiring a residential painting contractor for the first time, what you should focus on might not be that obvious. Many times, homeowners focus too much on painting estimate cost and miss the most important elements on a reliable and efficient painting contractor. Here is what you should look out for;

· Services offered –does the painter offer the exact painting service you need? If you need lead remediation, for instance, is the painter trained and certified to handle lead paints and residues.
· Years of experience –at least five years of experience in your particular area of interest (cabinet repainting, exterior painting, interior painting, etc.) is a good beginning.
· Online rating and reputation –check out their online rating on platforms like Google My Business and overall reputation on other sites and blogs. Do they have too much negative feedback and unanswered questions?
· Insurance And Licensing –the company should have appropriate business insurance cover and employee compensation policy. Insurance helps you avoid extra charges in case anything happens to your property or a member of the painting crew
· Reference –as you interview the painting contractor, request for some reference of the previously completed project. Visit the project or call the project owner and get to understand how it feels like to work with the contractor.

Hiring a Painting Contractor
You should interview and shortlist 2-3 painting contractors whom you can then invite over for painting estimate. Invite each of them separately, share the same project details, and request for a detailed estimate. Next, compare the estimates and choose a painter that offers the best value for your money by meeting all your needs at a reasonable price.
Don’t be tempted to go for the cheapest painter on the list automatically. Chances are the unrealistically cheap painter has cut some corners with tactics like using cheap paints and skipping some necessary surface prep process. Also, the painter should indicate the scope of the project, timelines, products to be used, a brief about prep work, project cost, and payment terms.

The Bottom Line

The above summarizes the general process involved in hiring a painting contractor. Once you’ve chosen the best residential painter, they will take over your painting project. The painting process specifics will depend on the type and size of the project.

If you’re looking for a reliable, efficient, and experienced painting contractor for your project, Serious Business Painting can help.

We are currently serving the areas of Louisville, Shelby County, Oldham County, Anchorage, Prospect, and Jefferson Town, Kentucky. Book a FREE estimate below or call us on 502-641-7969 if you need any more information.

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