Exterior Paint Colors to Avoid When Selling Your Home in Louisville, KY

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Exterior Paint Colors to Avoid When Selling Your Home in Louisville, KY

Home Paint Colors to Avoid When Selling Your Home in Louisville, KY

When decorating a home in Louisville, KY, and other surrounding areas, you might be tempted to only focus on colors that appeal to you or make a statement.

For instance, a kitchen in bright yellow favorite color might make your house feel like home.

But, if you’re ever planning to sell your home, you should know how your color choices now will affect the views of the next buyer.

In this article, we will be sharing paint colors that might hurt your chances of selling your house faster at a higher price.

Louisville, KY Exterior Colors to avoid

1. Black

Black is a timeless exterior color option that creates a dramatic statement.
However, painting the entire exterior of your house in black can be a turn-off instead of a welcoming.
If you still need to achieve the same effect, consider a medium to dark gray with white trim, or incorporate black in accents like shutters or the front door.
That will create a simple, yet exceptional, classical effect for your potential buyer to notice.

2. Off-white

Painting your exterior in an off-white shade may seem like a good option, however, off-white shaded are not favorites to many homebuyers.
Instead of using off-white, consider options like wheat yellow which introduces a little of color but still far from overwhelming.
This doesn’t mean you ditch white entirely, you can always use white in areas that receive enough natural light.

3. Tree Green

While it’s a common practice to choose exterior paint colors that blend into the overall neighborhood, choosing a color that blends into your surrounding foliage is self-defeating.

Darker shades of green will most likely recede into the front yard, making it more difficult for prospective buyers to admire, or even notice, your home.

If you have a thing for deep green and you can’t seem to leave it out of the picture, you can add a bit of it into the porch accents, or accent some of the less interesting features like the gutter.

4. Terracotta

While terracotta is a nice unique color to add some personality to your home, it can easily depress your chances of selling your home faster.
If you’re looking for muted earthy tones, consider light gray or ash gray tones.

Orange on the walls is probably the least like paint color in the world, so it makes sense that terracotta would elicit the same negative reaction.

5. Bright Yellow

When certain lighter yellow shades are used on the exterior, they evoke a cheerful, happy tone. However, if you start transitioning towards sunflower or lemon yellow, your paint job might become overwhelming.
If you’re determined to stick with this color family, we suggest that you try more toned down shades like pale straw.

Think accent, not statement

You can still use the colors you want, but small doses are best.

If you need any help choosing the paint colors and repainting your home’s exterior, Serious Business Painting can help.

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