5 Tips to Know Before Painting Your Home’s Exterior

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Whether you reside in Louisville, KY or Jefferson Town, painting the exterior of your home is an extremely important maintenance practice. A fresh coat of exterior paint enhances the appearance of your home, boosts curb appeal and increases the value of your home. Additionally, a coat of paint is your home’s first line of defense against the harsh weather elements that threaten to wear down your siding material.

It’s however important to note that the good looks and protection capability of any paint job heavily rely on the quality of the work and material used. Considering the magnitude and sometimes complexity of many exterior paint jobs, it’s important that you only attempt DIY if you have the skills, tools, and experience to match the challenge.
In this article, we will be sharing five essential tips to keep in mind before your next residential exterior paint job to ensure quality, durable and appealing results. Here you go:

1) Choose the Right Paint
Many homeowners struggle when it comes to choosing the right paint for the exterior of their homes. And considering the sheer amount of choices one has to make regarding paint type, color, sheen, and formulation, the struggle is understandable. When it comes to choosing the paint color, the safest way to go about this to repaint your home with the exact paint color as the existing one.

Or choose a slightly darker shade of your existing color. If you’re in any doubt, request a sample of the paint and do a test on a small inconspicuous area of your house to see how it comes out. As a rule of thumb, always go for high-quality paints for better results.

2) Check with the Weatherman
Exterior painting is weather-sensitive, and painting in the wrong kind of weather can quickly mess up your job. Generally, you should not paint your exterior during a foggy, humid day, after it just stopped raining or when expecting rain showers soon. Only paint at least three days after it stopped raining and when the weather forecast indicates at least three days of no rain ahead.

3) Prep is King
The bulk of exterior paint job goes to prep work, and there is a good reason for that. If it’s been a while since you painted your exterior, chances are, in addition to accumulating layers of dust and debris, your paint job is showing unappealing signs of paint failure –paint peeling, cracking, bubbling, chalking and fading.
Painting on a dirty surface automatically sets a stage for premature paint failure due to poor paint adherence. Thorough surface preparation is meant to remove loose old paint, dirt, particles, and residue so you can paint on a clean slate. And this process shouldn’t be rushed.

4) Don’t Skip the Primer
Most DIY painters tend to skip applying the primer in the hope of saving time and money, but that is a huge mistake. Paint doesn’t typically stick well on bare surfaces and so applying the primer before painting creates a suitable surface for paint adherence. With a primed surface, you will be able to paint faster, achieve better paint coverage and enjoy high quality and durable finish.

5) Consult the Expert
As earlier hinted, exterior painting can be quite laborious and technical, which makes hiring a professional painting contractor the only best option. Experienced painting contractors such as Serious Business Painting will offer valuable advice on paint selection, produce quality and durable results and save you lots of time and money in the long run.

At Serious Business Painting, we have years of experience in home exterior painting, serving the areas of Louisville, Shelby County, Oldham County, Anchorage, Prospect, and Jefferson Town, Kentucky. If you would like to use our professional painting services, book a free estimate with us below or call us on 502-641-7969, if you have any questions.

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